Gratitude + Peace


Katharine is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG). The AHG is the highest certification offered in the United States for herbalists. To find out more about the AHG’s credentials and peer review process you can click the registered herbalist badge above.


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Herbal Consult

Anxiety ・ADHD ・ Allergies ・Back Pain ・Chronic Pain ・Depression ・ Emotional Trauma ・Fatigue ・Gastrointestinal ・Menstrual / Menopausal Issues ・Skin ・Sleep・Sports/Work Injury ・Stress ・ Thyroid


Life Transitions

・Addictions ・Grief ・Losing a Loved One ・Relationship Troubles ・Career Changes・Severe Illness


Birth & Postnatal

・Nipple Problems ・Baby Rash ・Teething ・Cesarian Section Care ・Vaginal Delivery Care ・Postpartum Depression ・Baby Blues ・Hemorrhoids ・Loss


Katharine is a true healer. She listens deeply, both to me and to the natural world to uncover remedies for my spirit and body. Herbal consults with Katharine are like connecting with an old friend – I always leave feeling hopeful and full of love and support.
— Megan Minneapolis, MN