Post-birth momma care is the most forgotten part of pregnancy. The entire time we are carrying babe we are focused on taking care of our bodies to grow our future little one. But when baby exits the womb self-care regimens go out the window as does caring for ourselves. Here to help rejuvenate momma and send her on the road to recovery we at Urban Nettle are here to help! Choose from personalized at-home care, DIY kits or individual products. There’s an option for every momma’s postnatal care needs!



Momma Support Packages

Momma Support Products

Why do I need a sitz bath or peri-wash...and what the heck are they?

If you have a vaginal birth a sitz bath (think a highly concentrated deliciously smelling herbal tea added to your bath tub) and peri-wash (same highly concentrated herbal tea applied to the area where baby came out after you use the bathroom) are ESSENTIAL! Especially if you are a first-time mom you might think this sounds crazy but believe me it will make your recovery period much more comfortable.


How do I make my sitz and peri-wash?

Thanks to youtube we've made our own how-to video demonstrating how to make our sitz and peri-wash products. Click below to learn how.