Watermelon Chip Version 2.0: Rock Salt and Lime

If you have ever grown watermelon you know what I mean  when I say it can get a tad overwhelming.  Summer settles in, the melons start popping and soon your sitting with not just one 8 pound melon that will take you at least over the course of one week to eat, but 5, 10, 15 maybe 25!  Holy smokes!  What to do?

Well friends, ready that dehydrator...I present the watermelon chip Version 2.0.  Version 1.0 was just melon and salt.  2.0 elevates the chips to an entirely new level.  Lime to counter the sweetness and salt to bring out the melon's more savory flavors.  If you leave out the lime you will get something that tastes similar to a Pop-Tart...not necessarily what I had envisioned for my organic, highly unprocessed little snack.

So slice those limes and pestle your salt, it's melon chip time!

Watermelon Chip Version 2.0: Rock Salt & Lime

1 whole watermelon rind removed

2 limes

1 teaspoon rock salt, finely ground (flaked sea salt would work well here too)

Quarter the watermelon and then cut the melon in quarters again so you have giant slices of watermelon pie.

Using each quarter, cut into 1/4 inch thick slices so you have fairly decent thinly sliced triangles.

Cut up about one pie slice at a time and place in a bowl.  Follow up with about a teaspoon of lime juice poured over each batch.

Remove the batch from the bowl and place on a dehydrator sheet. Continue this process with the remaining melon slices.

When you have finished slicing all the melon VERY sparingly sprinkle a tiny bit of rock salt over all the melon slices.

Gather up your trays and put the slices in the dehydrator on the fruit setting or at about 135 F for approximately 18-24 hours until brittle.

Store in a glass jar or put in a freezer bag and store in your ice box for a really crispy cold snack!

Note: Do NOT turn of the dehydrator to go to work or if you are leaving for a while, let it run! Otherwise the watermelon will keep rehydrating itself and never dry.  Also do NOT remove before the melons have dried completely or you will end up with a mushy fruit roll up on your hand.