Apple Juice...Via a Steamer Juicer

Are you like me and feel guilty about throwing away and/or composting your apple cores after making sauce? Your stomach gets tighter and tighter as your mountain of apple cores grows bigger and bigger. Oh the horror! There is so much apple still hanging on to that scrawny core! And what about those overly blemished apples that aren't even good enough peeled for sauce?!

Well folks, now you don't have to gnaw your nails down fretting that you are somehow commiting some catastrophic preservation sin. Ladies and gents I present the steamer! The preservationist's new best friend.

How the steamer works is pretty straight forward. Grapes, elderberries, strawberries, pears...the list goes on and on as to what you can make into juice.  Three tiers make up the steamer. The base holds the water, The second level holds a juice collecting pan, and the top third layer is a basket that holds the fruit to be juiced. The steamer is placed on a heat source where it is heated to a boil. It is then turned down to a slow rolling boil where the fruit will steam for at least an hour before any juice will appear. When your fruit does begin to juice you will know because the tube connected to the juice holding pan will begin to fill with liquid. As more and more juice accumulates you can pour off the juice at any point during the steaming process. If you'd like you can add more fruit to the steamer as it breaks down but if you only have a small quantity just steam what you have. If this whole process is still confusing here is a diagram of how a steamer works.

TIP: After the water is boiling add some marbles, yes marbles, to the bottom pan filled with water so you can tell how hard the water is boiling. Additionally it will also tell you when your steamer has ran out of water without having to lift up the fruit and juice basket to see if there is any water remaining in your steamer's base.

There you have it! Cores and weasened culls no longer have an excuse to decompose in the compost to the steamer they go!

NOTE: if you are wondering, this is the juicer I have.