DIY Nutritional Yeast...Puffball Seasoning Salt

Watch out nutritional yeast! There's a new cat in town and boy are they frontin' some fierce competition.


That's right folks this stuffs the bomb-diggity. Yes, I just said bomb-diggity. I don't know what they even means but who cares?! The heck with that  old vegan standard and overly processed nutritional yeast! Meet puffball seasoning salt. The answer to all your seasoning debockles! Seriously, I don't want to use profanity but damn.


What is a puffball you may ask? Well, puffball mushrooms are a favorite fall delicacy of mine and can be found in a plethora of areas. Luckily they are super easy to identify. Check out my previous post and head over here if you're unfamiliar.


So yes, out with nutritional yeast my friends and in with Puffball Seasoning Salt. You will be all the rage with your vegan pals and make your meat munching friends think twice about asking you to top their next bowl of popcorn with bacon. Uh...pass that wacky mushroom salt PLEASE?!


You'll need a dehydrator and a food processor or blender for this recipe. Don't have one? Ask around, you'd be surprised who may have a noisy ol' dehydrator dust collecting in their basement. Or go buy a blender, or buy one with a friend. Joint custody on cooking tools can be a real treat!


Again, if you haven't a clue what a puffball is check out my other post here and you'll get all the nitty gritty you need to know. Now get out there and find some puffballs!!!

DIY Nutritional Yeast...Puffball Seasoning Salt

Makes as much as you dehydrate

  • fresh and correctly ID'd puffball mushroom
  • fine sea salt

1. Peel the outer covering off your puffball mushroom. It will peel easily off. Click here to see what I am describing. Once the outer skin is removed, chop into 1 inch cubes.

2. Place the cubes  on your dehydrator trays and dehydrate on your vegetable setting. This will take approximately 10-12 hours.

3. After the mushrooms have been throughly dried, remove from dehydrator and allow to cool. Remove the mushroom cubes from the trays and pulverize in a food processor or blender.

WARNING: You will have puffball dust clouds during this process. Careful not to inhale too deeply or you may fall into a coughing spell!

4. After the puffballs have been thoroughly pulverized, combine 3 parts mushroom dust to 1 part salt.

Enjoy on all your favorite snacks, in dressings...season to your little hearts content.