Purple Haze Carrot Curls


Purple Haze?! Yes Purple Haze. No I am not getting out the rubber bands and homemade tie-dye kit or soaking these little dandies in beet juice or heavens those dreadful blue no. 1 and red no 3. No folks, this little classic rock song referenced carrot is actually purple skinned and orange cored all on its own. No stained fingers or toxic food colorings necessary!

Prepared to be mesmerized! Not only are these little cosmic veggies visual stunners they're tasty too. Eaten raw they are crisp, snappy and sweet without a pithy core. Cooked they have a mellow flavor and become even sweeter! Excellent if you briefly boil them, remove the thin outer skin and chop them up for a drizzle with olive oil, vinegar, salt, olives and herbs for a salad.

But wait yes there's more! Did I mention they are a powerhouse of nutrients as well? Carrying the health attributes of the traditional orange carrot  Purple Haze due to it's purple color is a great source of anthocyanin.  Don't worry I hadn't a clue what that meant either but apparently it is flavonoid compounds found in dark red, blue and purple colored fruits and vegetables responsible for delivering antioxidants to the body. Cancer and heart disease prevention are just a few of its credited attributes.


So when I was putzing around wondering how to jazz up my dehdrated carrot recipe how could I ignore these little numbers? Several grates of the potato peeler, throw them on dehydrator racks and 6-8 hours later you have some sweet and crunchy toppings. Great to liven up a whole host of various foods and/or add a brilliant splash of color to a dish.


Start scouring the farmers' markets folks and get on the phone with your local grocer's produce department. Purple Haze is definitely worth the quizzical look or cheeky chuckle. Perhaps not quite the  "Purple Haze" experience of the late 60s, but for a veggie they come pretty darn close!

As always, enjoy!

Purple Haze Carrot Curls

Makes approximately 1 quart jar

  • 1 bunch (5-7) of Purple Haze carrots
  • salt & pepper (optional)

1.  Scrub your carrots very thoroughly and vegetable peel into strips lengthwise. Peel until you can't peel any further and be careful not to gouge yourself!

2. Grate into a pile and then evenly distribute them onto dehydrator trays. Don't clump them or they won't dry. If you choose to use salt and pepper do so now.

3. Set your dehydrator for vegetable mode at about 125ºF. Dehydrate for 6-8 hours until crunchy.

4. Store in a ziploc bag  or glass pint jar.