White Currant Juice

White currants are something of a rarity. They aren't apt to be stocked at your local grocery store as they are extremely perishable. They will probably even be absent at even the most kitschy farmers' markets because I'll just say it...they are a pain in the pinfeathers to harvest.

This blog post is not intended to make you feel inapt at being unable to reproduce your own white currant juice. Instead think of it is a little pixie-dust of inspiration to spark some creative endeavours of your own.

Below is the recipe. I used my steamer/juicer. If you don't have one and you are curious HERE is the one I own. That's it. That's the nitty gritty. As always enjoy and any further questions do not hesitate to leave a comment.

White Currant Juice: Steamer/Juicer Method

How the steamer works is pretty straight forward. Three tiers make up the steamer. The base holds the water, The second level holds a juice collecting pan, and the top third layer is a basket that holds the fruit, here white currants, to be juiced. The steamer is placed on a heat source where it is heated to a boil. It is then turned down to a slow rolling boil where the fruit will steam for at least an hour before any juice will appear. When your fruit does begin to juice you will know because the tube connected to the juice holding pan will begin to fill with liquid. As more and more juice accumulates you can pour off the juice at any point during the steaming process. If you’d like you can add more fruit to the steamer as it breaks down but if you only have a small quantity just steam what you have. If this whole process is still confusing here is a diagram of how a steamer works.

For my currants I did this process, poured the boiling juice into pint container and capped them. They self-sealed and now I have some tart and spunky white currant juice at my disposal.