Back In The Saddle

To get back in the swing of things you have to start here we are. Spring 2017. An enormous amount has happened since I last posted. There's a new website, a page for classes, a whole section dedicated to all things foraging and herbal. Additionally there's a section to check out the newsletter I'm putting out every month. Things are definitely ramping up! The next project is trying to get a store up and running for the website. Hopefully within the month! Below are some pics that will bring you to a direct link to check out the new site. Hopefully ya'll like it!

For all you foodie folks who subscribed to the blog as a result of my weird posts of strange pickled items or crazy wild foraged seasoned salts not to worry. The blog is still the blog and I hope to post more unusual wild food creations. I will also sprinkle in herbal posts of tincture making, using medicinal plants as this is where the majority of my focus lies in the non-foraging months. Hopefully we can satisfy all and old.

To give you a little taste of more to come I am linking this post to a few articles I wrote for a wonderful website The Spirited Table. Run by a wonderfully talented woman Cindi, you can link to her website here. I will be writing monthly posts for her through a local farm Loon Organics so keep your eyes posted for new article and be sure if your interested to subscribe to her blog.

More posts coming soon but in the meantime here's a few posts to tide you over that were written for Cindi's site:

Emerald Waves of Deliciousness: How to Survive a Minnesota WinterMarch 2017

Transitioning From Winter to SpringApril 2017

And because I'm usually all about the's a glimpse to the new addition to our lovely farm. Three little dorset lambs: Shirley, Moe & sweet little Loretta.


Hope you are all healthy and happy. Peace and gratitude as always.