An herbal consult is not a band aid approach. There are herbal nervines that can help with anxiety while amazing anti-inflammatory herbs to assist with pain. These alone just like a Zoloft or Ibuprofen aren't going to get to the root of why we are feeling the things we feel. Digging deep along with understanding and acknowledging the relationship to our pain can.


Reasons for an Herbal Consult

Anxiety ・ADHD ・ Allergies ・Back Pain ・Chronic Pain ・Depression ・ Emotional Trauma ・Fatigue ・Gastrointestinal ・Menstrual / Menopausal Issues ・Skin ・Sleep・Sports/Work Injury ・Stress ・ Thyroid

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My Approach


1. Acknowledging your pain

Let your pain or suffering be heard! Give it a voice. I'm having heart palpitations from my anxiety, my body won't let me do hard manual labor. We’ll hear your body's call for help whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.


2. Telling your story

How did you get here? Why are you here? Everyone has a story and yours will be met with compassion and without judgement.


3. Assess your constitution

Is your body chronically dry? Do you feel like your body has been stuck on overdrive and your entire system is backed-up? Maybe you are so tense your shoulders feel connected to your ears. We'll figure out your body's tendencies and go forward from there.


4. Discuss your lifestyle

Are you super busy and want a steamlined protocol? Or are you in need of extra support to get yourself through the day? Whatever your needs we'll figure out a regimen to work with your life.


5. Craft a custom formula

Putting it all together. Generally a formula is not one herb, supplement or lifestyle change. It is a combination that looks at the broader picture. Just like nature so will we.


Initial Herbal Consult

1.5 hours this is where we get to the heart of why you booked an herbal consult. We'll talk all about your life story, assess your constitution, discuss lifestyle habits and craft a custom formula. (In-Person or Online via ZOOM)

Note: Herbs and supplements are not included in this price but generally range from $10-$20.

Follow-Up Herbal Consult

1 hour this is where we follow-up and assess what is working and what needs tweaking. (In-Person or Online via ZOOM)

Note: Herbs and supplements are not included in this price but generally range from $10-$20.